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Spiced Chai Latte Botanical Bar

One of four from my Autumn 2021 Botanical Bar Collection.  An extra nourishing, moisturizing Tallow cold process soap.  (Curious about why I use Tallow as one of my main ingredients?  Feel free to read why here.)  A perfect cup of Chai Tea Latte in a soap!  Colored by the fresh double strength brew of Chai Tea with added coconut milk for the beneficial creaminess and moisturizing benefits.  Chai tea leaves to give a gentle exfoliation and help brighten skin tone.  Scented with essential oils of cardamom, cinnamon leaf, clove bud, anise star, ginger root, & black pepper – all together with a dash of vanilla absolute to create the blend that is Spiced Chai Latte.  You can rest easy knowing your cleansing your body with an honest to goodness soap bar using 100% natural ingredients.

Clays and root/herb powders add properties to help with anti-inflammatory, detoxification & purification. Gentle cleansing and exfoliating properties, smoothing and softening skin. Having components that help to heal acne, scrapes, burns, and remineralizing skin tissue.  Clays help draw out toxins from the skin and pull blood to the skins surface helping to improve circulation and healing, and have also been known to ease symptoms of eczema.  Using clays in combination with pure essential oils and my grass-fed Tallow and you’ve got yourself a gentle, simple, nourishing bar of soap.  One that will moisturize and help to heal skin like no other!


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Additional Information

Shipping Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 1.125 × 2.5 in

I hand cut and aim for approximately a min 5 oz. per bar. Bars are approximately 3.5” x 2.5” x 1.125”  These are handmade items and as I strive to exactly duplicate batches – it is not always possible so please allow for slight variations in color, size or depth of essential oil scents.


This soap is scented with Cardamom, Cinnamon Leaf, Anise Star, Black Pepper, Ginger Root, Clove Bud, essential oils & Vanilla Absolute

Storing Tips

We highly recommend storing your bar on a soap rack to allow air to flow around it to dry between uses or soap saver pad to keep out of standing water.  We have handcrafted wood soap racks under accessories as well as part of some of our gift boxes.  Doing this will extend the life of your bar tremendously.


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